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Red Castle is a dynamically developing company which is engaged in childcare services since 2012. The headquarters is based in Yerevan, Armenia. We have two registered brands under our company Happy Kids and Red Castle. Red Castle offers wide variety of products and services directed to the development of children’s creativity in an entertaining manner. Children develop creativity skills enjoying their time at our centers. Our centers are mostly located in trade malls, entertainment centers, children cafes, open air parks, hotels and resorts. At Happy Kids we pay huge attention to the visual appearance of our centers. All the centers are designed according to our brand book and have the same design. At malls we provide great opportunity for parents to have a pleasant shopping time free of children. 

One of the main activities of Red Castle is sand painting, which is quite engaging activity both for kids and their parents. Kids make sand paintings using two layered cards with outlined drawings and colorful sands. The first layer of the card has an adhesive property, and the filled sand sticks on a card. The second layer is outlined peel off paper, which helps to separate colors of sand. Continuously peeling off the appropriate parts of upper layer paper and pouring colored sand on it children make the paintings of their beloved heroes.Sand painting activity is like a game and at the same time in the process of this game children gain several creative skills. Making the sand paintings children tend to be patient, become more concentrated, learn to express their imagination, develop fine motor skills, help each other and work in groups. After finishing their sand masterpiece children gain satisfaction from their creations and receive the admiration of parents.

Besides sand painting activity our trained staff offer several arts and crafts activities which are designed to address physical, social and cognitive development of children. There are also several products under our brand being sold in our centers, which are intended to provide similar activities at home.

Our goal is to see happy kids all over the world.